Smart Point City is the first public zero-emission parcel network

Our electric vehicles deliver your packages into smart points placed around the city

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1 Purchase from any online shop and receive a notification to select your closest smart point where your order will be delivered to

2 When it arrives at the smart point you will receive a second notification to pick it up

Now you’ll be able to receive all your purchases without having to wait for the courier and reducing pollution in your city


Operating across the Port of Barcelona, Smart Point provides deliveries to 46 businesses and logistics providers. The system uses NFC tags enabling clients to trace and locate every parcel and item transported across the network.The system was installed in 2021 and is currently Europe’s first 100% PV powered smart locker city-network.


Azca and Chamartin areas of Madrid feature the latest state-of-the-art design for zero-carbon delivery technology.Providing users with several pick up and drop off points enabling the sending of parcels across the city, as well as reception and returns of purchases from online and local shops.


Management of all packages for the City centre of Girona (150,000 inhabitants). A city-edge reception hub where packages from every courier are received, are then delivered by 4 electric vehicles delivering to strategically placed Smart Points.A successful pilot was followed by two extensions, now covering 20 districts of the city.


A collaboration with Europe’s largest residential Real Estate owner and Germany’s largest Shopping Mall, provides residents of East Berlin with on-demand products from nearby shops and benefit from free same-day delivery.The network is planned for expansion throughout 2022 – 2023.

Smart Point electric fleets

EV-Linked Smart Lockers

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